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TOTAL FOUR ITEMS:- $12 per Person (min 20 Persons)

We Do all Kind of Veg & Non-Veg Caterings

Veg. Items

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  • Chilly Paneer

    Saute for a minute and then add cubed capsicum, salt along with the tomato ketchup, vinegar, green chilli sauce, and soy sauce

  • Paneer Tikka

    Paneer Tikka is an Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka

  • Aloo Tikka (w. chana)

    Aloo Tikki is a popular North Indian snack recipe made from potatoes and peas, spiced with chilli powder and chaat masala. This is one of the most loved street foods

  • Chat Papri

    Papri" refers to the wafers, and the word "chaat" is used for several snacks and fast food meals. In Hindi, "Chaat" means "to lick."

  • Spring Rolls

    Spring rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers or dim sum found in East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian cuisine

  • Vegi Manchurian

    Veg Manchurian dumplings are made of cabbage, carrots & spring onion. You can add other other vegetables like beans, onions, capsicum (bell pepper), cauliflower etc. as per your choice

  • Vegi Kathi Roll

    A kati roll is a street-food dish originating from Kolkata, India. In its original form, it is a skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in a paratha bread, although over the years many variants have evolved

  • Vegi Noodles

    Veg Noodle dish is perfect as a snack or main course and for hosting great parties. In its typical prepration boiled noodles are tossed with garlic, ginger etc

  • Vegi Pasta

    Pasta is typically made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking

  • Paneer Pakora

    simple snack recipe prepared with spiced paneer cubes, coated with besan or chickpea flour batter. it is one of the popular pakora variations with moist and spice coated paneer inside

Non-Veg. Items

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  • Chilly Chicken

    Chilly chicken are marinated in soya sauce, chilli sauce and pepper. Then deep fried and then seasoned again in sauces to get the best chinese chilly chicken.

  • Chicken Kabab

    Chicken Kabab is one of the dishes most of the people especially Indians would prefer for its spicy and crispy tasty chicken

  • Fish Pakora (fry)

    Pakoras are a favorite hot snack food in India and usually made with vegetables dipped in a delicious gram flour batter and deep fried

  • Chicken Tikka

    Chicken tikka, is a chicken dish originating in the Punjab region of the Indian Subcontinent; the dish is popular in India and Pakistan

  • Chicken Legs

    Chicken legs (drumsticks) with dried oregano, dried thyme, coriander, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic. Pour olive oil and lemon juice over the chicken legs

  • Chicken Pasta/Noodles

    Chicken Noodles made with chicken, veggies, gluten free rice noodles and a delicious savory Asian-inspired sauce.

  • Chicken Manchurian

    Chicken Manchurian is a popular starter recipe, which is relished by people of all age groups. This all time favourite Chinese recipe can be served with Fried Rice, Pan Fried Noodles, Hakka Noodles.

  • Chicken Balls

    Chicken balls are a type of modern Chinese food served in Canada, Ireland, United States, and the United Kingdom. The dish consists of small chunks of fried chicken breast meat covered in a crispy batter coating.

  • Chicken Kathi Roll

    Chicken Kathi Roll is a mouth watering and scrumptious roll made using chicken filling and wrapped using a delicious roti.

  • Chicken Wings

    chicken wings have long been a staple of Southern cooking. But the concept of cooking wings in peppery hot sauce was born in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, when co-owner Teressa Bellissimo cooked leftover wings in hot sauce as a late-night snack for her son and his friends.